June 21, 2020

The Future of Fashion: NYC/NJ Sustainable Fashion Week 9/11/20–9/16/20

This 7-day event will be live streamed online with a fashion showcase each night of emerging sustainable designers, established sustainable designers and vintage collectors. Unlike your typical Fashion Week, this platform will also host a virtual sustainable product lounge, a sustainable fashion panel, and more importantly, a sustainable fashion exhibit giving visuals on what is sustainable fashion and why its the future of fashion.

The fashion industry is in crisis, partly because of fast fashion and partly over consumption. We are producing at alarming rates and buying at equally alarming rates, what that creates is a recipe for disaster. How and where we make our clothes adds a toxic mix, making the fashion industry 2nd to oil as the most polluting industry!

Sustainable Fashion Week is a necessity to bring awareness to this ongoing problem while providing a platform to emerging sustainable designers that we are in desperate need of.

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The Sustainable Fashion Week team are on a mission to spread awareness on the reality of fast fashion. Aiming to educate while also elevating incredible designer who are on the same mission. This event will take place in New Jersey & New York from 9/11/2020 — 9/16/2020. For further information take a look at our website below. Official website: http://www.sustainablefashionweek.us/