February 23, 2020

Object of Desire: Bellboy's The New York Water Tower Chair

The Water Tower Chair was part of the 12 x 12 project where they supplied twelve contemporary designers with the salvaged material of twelve demolished New York City buildings. And Bellboy took the salvaged Redwood, and turned it into a timeless modern chair. (source)

The chair is constructed out of 95 individual pieces of redwood. The entire piece is sculpted by hand and rests on a patinated steel base.  This help showed the natural beauty of the wood texture and grain. After adjoining all the pieces an amazing pattern revealed itself.

About Bellboy

BELLBOY is a contemporary furniture studio based in Brooklyn, New York.

Furniture is one of the most intimate things in a home, and that timeless design offers the owner an opportunity to add meaning to each object and space. Their work is simple and imaginative, while also employing exquisite craftsmanship, elegant proportions, and the highest quality materials.

Each piece is built to order in their Brooklyn workshop and is informed by classic furniture making techniques.

All Images from Bellboynewyork.com