March 28, 2021

Objects of Desire: Good Waste Sustainable Products Handmade in London

Designers participating in Selfridges Good Earth Project; exploring material flows, local production, and waste.

GoodWaste is currently one of our design heroes—not simply because it uses recycled materials, and therefore encourages a closed-loop. And not just because the designs are gorgeous (just look at the gentle curves of the Bóra vase <3). But because there is poetry in it. The Bóra vase is made from Corian that London manufacturers couldn’t use, and its organic form, linear grooves and gentle sinews celebrate this provenance.-  Selfridges

About Good Waste

GoodWaste transforms so-called ‘waste’ materials into interiors and objects through design. The team intercepts and diverts industrial waste from landfills, integrating strict circular economy principles. Believing in social sustainability as much as environmental, so we balance our commercial output with social impact initiatives that bring local communities into the design and process.

GoodWaste has worked with public and private bodies, including Create, OPDC/The Mayor’s Office, and Selfridges, while selling a range of homeware products made from waste. Good Waste Designers are currently part of the innovationRCA accelerator programme.

In Conversation with Alannah Weston and June Sarpong: Business and Sustainability

Project Earth marks a new chapter in Selfridges’ history – the start of a challenging yet essential journey to completely change the way we shop and put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We want to reinvent retail. With the launch of Project Earth, we invite you to explore the experiments, innovations, and conversations that will enable us – together – to do just that. We’re going to work together with our brand partners to address the materials used in products – so you can shop more sustainably. We’re launching myriad new ways of shopping, including resale, rental, refill, and repair – so you can shop more sustainably. We’re engaging with you, our community and our teams and partners to discuss, debate, and inspire positive change – so you can shop more sustainably now and in the future.