April 2, 2021

Recrafted Work: Karün Aiming To Change The Way We Interact With Our Planet

“Based in Patagonia, Karün means to be nature in the mapuche language; ancestral indigenous culture from Chile. With a commitment to collaborating with people from around the world to ask ourselves one question every-single-day...”(source)

Every purchase will help protect 400.000 hectares of pristine Patagonian nature through a four-year program that also supports 600 rural entrepreneurs and their families. – Karün

About Karün

Karün is a B Corp based in Patagonia that links nature conservation with rural empowerment through product innovation. The brand creates high-quality eyewear in a very different way; using reclaimed, natural and/or noble materials and working alongside local communities in Patagonia as a way of empowering them to protect their wild territories. Different types of waste like fishing nets, ropes and metals are collected by local rural entrepreneurs, then recycled and turned into long-lasting sunglasses, ensuring the highest standards in quality and performance. To shop and learn more visit karunworld.com

Karün (co)Lab is the physical place where artisans and designers collaborate to bring our unique collection to life through handcraft and the usage of noble materials.