February 6, 2019

This is Beams X Zip Loc Upcycle Collab

The upcycling sub-label of BEAMS’s womenswear brand, Couture has reworked a variety of Ziploc baggies into creative transparent accessories. This is BEAMS Couture collaboration with Ziploc for a selection of repurposed bags.

“Encompassing nine distinct goods, the collaboration revises Ziploc baggies into a variety of different items. A shoulder bag, backpack, tote, waist bag, and pouch make up the majority of the collection, offering see-through bags with plenty of Ziploc branding and exposed seams due to the patchwork construction. ”


available at fred segal in los angeles

The Beams Couture X Ziploc limited-edition collection, which retails from $20 (for a pouch) to $180 (for a backpack), will remain at Fred Segal through the end of April. Pieces will be available for purchase while supplies last.

Shop online: See their full collection