May 24, 2020

This Is Collina Strada: Quarantine Collection Made from Fabric Scraps

Collina Strada is a platform for social issues and awareness. Created by Hillary Taymour, whose main concern is staying true to her craft, while also becoming a fully sustainable and radically transparent brand in the near future. "We are in a crucial state of change right now and the more we do, the more we can impact others to take action."

44 one of a kind pieces, created in collaboration with Charlie Engman and Tomihiro Kono & available for auction until Memorial Day 2020

About the Quarantine Collection

Created during quarantine, this collection repurposes found objects, trim, and fabrics that were available at hand in the studio, combining them with dye and Swarovski crystals. Tomihiro used scrap hair in his studio to make the one of a kind masks. 100% of the proceeds of the auction will be donated to charity.

(All Photos: Charlie Engman)