January 26, 2018

This is Kim Markel: Turning Discarded Plastic Waste into Candy Flavored Furniture.

With a mother who was an artist and a master-craftsman father who she says could "build anything and turn it to gold," it’s no surprise that Kim Markel became a designer, albeit after an eight-year detour working in public policy. "I missed making things," she says. She describes her translucent Glow chairs as a passion project that took off, noting that they have the qualities of childhood objects: "Their scale, unexpected color, and handmade texture all create a sense of unbridled reality and strange magic." An environmentalist, she works in recycled plastic, using only discarded or waste materials. — Arlene Hirst

“handcrafted from a variety of recycled plastics both thermoset and thermoplastic”

By Kim Markel

Translucent and whimsical, these can be used as side tables or stools. They are handcrafted from a variety of recycled plastics both thermoset and thermoplastic. A specific blend of the plastics is combined in large molds. Once cured, the objects are removed and polished to reveal their inherent translucency.

available in: translucent color options: aqua, periwinkle, grey, pink, peach, yellow, frosty clear

please inquire for custom colors.

“Young Guns 2017: New Designers Making Waves”

Glowing, translucent colors and striations of colors from reclaimed plastic create a fantastically interesting vessel. Watertight.

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