December 13, 2019

This is Space10: A Research and Design Lab on a Mission to Enable a Better Everyday Life For People and Planet.

With a focus on researching and designing innovative solutions to some of the major societal changes expected to affect people and our planet in the years to come.

SPACE10 is proudly supported and entirely dedicated to IKEA – working as an independent research and design lab. They bring new perspectives and design new solutions that enable IKEA to live up to their original promise of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

SPACE10 Gallery: Technology and the Furniture of Tomorrow

Copenhagen, SPACE10 Gallery 12:00 - 18:00 CET 12.12.19 - 21.02.20

New and emerging technologies are now at our fingertips. How can these digital technologies unlock future opportunities within something very physical — the objects we keep at home?

About the exhibition

Technologies that were once in the hands of a few are now accessible for many people to use, make, and shape their worlds in ways only imagined. How can these digital technologies influence furniture design? That’s what our exhibition at SPACE10 Gallery is here to explore.

The exhibition showcases a research collaboration between SPACE10 and industrial design studio Ransmeier Inc, in which they address the intersection between industrial design and technology. How will digital technologies influence and democratize the design process? Can digital innovation foster a culture of co-creation when it comes to industrial design? Will the furniture around us remain just that — furniture — or will it come to reflect the digital process of its creation?

These are some of the questions we play within the research exhibited. Indeed: from investigations into the computational design to objects designed with reclaimed paper waste and recycled aluminum, the work cultivates a dialogue around how we make, use, and imagine the things around us.

Can technology empower us to reimagine or even redefine the objects we keep at home? Go explore.

All Images from Space10

The Growroom: An Open Source spherical garden that enables people to grow food locally and sustainably. Exploring How Cities Can Feed Themselves

An urban farm pavilion and example of food-producing architecture, it was designed to trigger conversations about how to meet the rising demand for food by growing it in our cities.

The Growroom was design in collaboration with architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum, and made it open source to encourage more people to build their own Growroom.

Local versions of the Growroom have since been built across the world as far afield as Helsinki, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Seoul and Sydney.


Read the construction manual on Medium

Get the files on Github