February 23, 2018

This is Von Holzhausen's Vision of Ethical Style

Legendary Creative Powerhouse Duo, Viktor & Rolf has teamed up with Zalando to collaborate on sustainable fashion capsule collection  a capsule collection centered around handcrafted garments made with recycled materials entitled Re:cycle.

“Viktor & Rolf are using Zalando’s overstock fabrics to create a 17-piece womenswear collection.”


released in february 2018

RE:CYCLE has accessible price-points (ranging from 50 to 250 euros) and is an encouraging step towards pushing sustainable fashion into the mainstream.


their statement

Viktor & Rolf said: “For us, Haute Couture has always been a laboratory for experimentation. With our past Haute Couture collections, we have explored creative recycling methods: new, artistic ways to re-use elements from the past to create something new. With our upcoming collaboration with Zalando, we are excited to bring forth this spirit of sustainable fashion in a bold and accessible way by breathing new life into forgotten garments.”

Shop online: See their full collection