October 22, 2018

Unmade, Disrupt Fashion, Changing Manufacturing and Customization

Unmade started in 2013 by Hal Watts, Kirsty Emery and Ben Alun-Jones. In 2014 they initially launched a prototype brand as Knyttan. In 2015 they raised investment from Connect Ventures, Felix Capital and Local Globe and launched to the public as Unmade. Today the team of 26 is based in Somerset House in London.

“Our platform gives brands the ability to offer customisable products and manufacture the results.”


Their vision is a better future for industrial production. Consumers want products tailored to their choice and needs and brands need to be responsive to consumers as individuals.  Every body is different.

Too much is designed for averages and manufactured in bulk. There is too much supply for not enough demand.  There is too much waste.

They are building the tools for mass supply to meet individual demand.
Manufacturing can be tailored to the individual. This is the next step in customization.

They work together with clients to create parameters that consumers can design their individual orders within. They call it curated customisation:brands have control but the consumer feels more involved and engaged in the experience and product.

Their technology seamlessly integrates individual and short run orders into existing production.

This means individual orders can be manufactured at the same cost and speed as mass-produced items.

Integrated, maintained, hosted, updated, improved. We provide a complete solution for mass-customisation from e-commerce to manufacturing.

Manufacturing can be tailored to the individual.

Website: Unmade