June 25, 2020

Object of Desire: Patience & Gough Upcycled Furniture.

Patience and Gough, upcycle furniture company based in Northern England, is seeking to change people’s stereotypical association of upcycling. Moving away from the shabby chic aesthetic, which has become closely associated with it, the creative team is leading the industry with its defined design aesthetic. (Source)

“We strive on creating unique, contrasting pieces that celebrate tradition, whilst boasting a contemporary aesthetic. We believe in doing our bit for the environment, and what better way to do so than by doing something you love!

We hate waste and believe recycling used furniture is one way to fight it. Usually pieces that have lasted half a century or more are pretty well built compared to your average, store bought modern pieces. “

– Alice Patience and Oliver Gough

Retail and Customed Designs

The studio's work has caught the attention of industry heavyweights and has recently embarked on a collaboration with Liberty London. According to their buying team, "The renaissance of upcycling has pushed beyond amateur restoration to become a skilled craft. Pieces are lovingly restored blending heritage design with modernity to create a new hybrid that will sit proudly within every interior."

Commission designs are available through their website with an option to pick from their selections or upcycle an existing piece.

Commission a piece