February 28, 2020

Spinnova Helps Bring Iconic Marimekko patterns on groundbreaking, sustainable fabrics

Spinnova is a Finnish, sustainable fiber company that develops ecological breakthrough technology for manufacturing cellulose-based textile fiber. Spinnova’s patented technology includes 0% harmful chemicals and 0% waste and will be bringing Marimekko's Iconic Unikko print to market by 2022.

 Together with Spinnova we have been able to take major steps in developing new sustainable materials from wood-based fibers, and we are proud to present the Marimekko prototype outfits made of these transformational sustainable fabrics and featuring our distinctive, bold patterns,”

Minna Kemell-Kutvonen, Design and Product Development Director of Prints and Home Products at Marimekko.

Demo products by Marimekko and Spinnova paving the way for a more sustainable future of the textile industry

The denim-like jacket and bag sporting the monochromatic Unikko print as well as the striped jersey shirt, all in strong primary colors of blue and red, comprise the timeless design elements of Marimekko. Playing with these classics, Marimekko’s ready-to-wear designer Riikka Buri gave the demo products a modern twist with oversized proportions and fresh color combinations. Both the woven and the jersey fabric used in these products were made of the Spinnova fiber (combined with cotton and/or lyocell). The outfits were designed, printed and manufactured by Marimekko at the Marimekko House in Helsinki, Finland.

All Images from Marimekkoo

Janne, CEO and co-founder, looks at the bigger picture for Spinnova. Before spinning the business off from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland