December 3, 2019

This is Vegetable Cashmere : A Sustainable and Cruelty Free Alternative

A true plant-based alternative to traditional animal fiber cashmere, Vegetable Cashmere™ took years of testing by KD New York, a dance and yoga-inspired athleisure wear company.

About Vegetable Cashmere

Vegetable Cashmere is a proprietary, 100% plant-based fabric primarily composed of soy protein spun from pulp borne from tofu production. It requires no additional resources from the Earth to produce.  It is soft, silky, and loaded with plant proteins that nourish the skin.  It will keep you warm in cold weather,  and remain cool and comfortable in hot weather. It’s perfect for the yoga mat and dance floor.  No goats or animals are harmed or inconvenienced in the production of garments made from Vegetable Cashmere.

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About Animal Fiber Cashmere

Traditional animal fiber cashmere comes from the soft neck hair of specific breeds of goats, mostly bred in China and Mongolia. Surging goat populations from an unregulated market are causing erosion and desertification of the Mongolian grasslands, which leads to undernourished goats and a lower quality hair, causing herders to breed more goats to meet the increasing demand, creating a never-ending and un-sustainable cycle.

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All Images from KD New York

KD New York

In 1980, KD’s inventive and thin knit sweaters were the beginning of a new kind of comfortable: sleek, lightweight, luxuriously paper-thin. Since then, have evolved into making dresses, shorts, capris, pants, tights, bodysuits and jumpsuits that hug your body the way no other fabric can. Calling it soft workout wear.

Supima Cotton:  Our Supima Cotton is the cashmere of cottons, butter soft with a luxurious hand. 100% Supima Cotton.

Cotton Lycra:  The genius of our Comfort Stretch Cotton has just enough Lycra to create a flattering silhouette and a body-hugging factor that won’t wash away. 99% Pima Cotton / 1% Lycra.

Krinklespun:  It has a sheerness and silky sheen that adds a fun new texture to your favorite looks for the studio, auditions, and the dance floor. And it’s easy to care for, durable and machine washable.  85% Acrylic / 15% Nylon.

Vegetable Cashmere: A vegan fabric engineered by us in New York. Its unique properties make it a moisture-absorbent and anti-bacterial fabric that’s cool and comfortable in hot weather and on the yoga mat. It’s easier to care for than silk or conventional cashmere. 50% Pima Cotton / 50% Soy.

Viscose: A natural fiber created to feel like silk jersey. Breatheable, light and holds color longer that traditional cotton. 80% Viscose / 20% Nylon 

Acrylic and Acrylic Stretch:  Popular in the dance community, KD acrylics are lightweight, soft, and warm with a wool-like feel. They can endure many machine washings and will continue to soften over time.  100% Acrylic and 96% Acrylic / 2% Nylon / 2% Lycra.