November 30, 2020

Sachi Tungare: ​let's (not) kick butt

Sachi is a Mumbai based, freshly graduated, multidisciplinary designer. Her design practice lies in bringing together the human and humane; in tying the threads of human needs and vulnerability with wellbeing. Her focus lies on investigating the context, uncovering its layers of complexities and nuances. Sachi likes thinking with her hands and exploring different media to convey the notion. (source)

Audience Choice Green Concept Award 2020 runner up Exhibited at YKSI expo Eindhoven, NL as a part of “Rethinking Plastic” exhibition from 07.09.20 Featured in Dutch Design Week 2020

About ​ let's (not) kick butt.

Having collected cigarette butts from the streets and cleaned them using ecological agents, an extensive study was carried out to explore the potential of the material, right from dissecting it and treating it to be toxin-free and safe for human contact to blending it and casting it in various materials – scoping for the potential to add value to what was otherwise quite simply trash. The result of this was a wide range of products: paper, coasters, and organizers, to name a few. To tap into a widely available resource and in such abundance is a golden opportunity that should be zeroed in on.

There are several companies just beginning to collect cigarette butts to recycle them. But there isn’t yet a clear use for the discarded material. Meanwhile, India's cigarette recycler has tapped Tungare to help develop new products from reclaimed cellulose acetate. She’s still in the process of experimenting with products that can be manufactured at scale, including the home goods she created for the Jugaad project. “I’m glad that companies are finding ways for people to dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly,” she says. “Now, designers like myself can work on creating products from this material.” (Source: Fast Company)